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Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Communities of Practice (CoPs) for Learning, 

Leadership, Advocacy, & Women and Youth Empowerment

GPU weaves community network building into our programs, telepractices, and learning design based on needs identified and facilitated consensus building with in-country collaborators.

Applying virtual, telepractice, on site, and distance education applications coupled with traditional capacity building mechanisms to deliver educational curricula, health-related communication, and clinical service consultation and services enhances individual’s, agency’s, region’s and country’s technological capacity for expediting learning.

Online and mobile ICT technologies have opened up new horizons for this form of learning, providing access to peer learning and support even when there are no other experts or practitioners in one’s local geography. CoPs connect to other related CoPs via a range of social media.

CoPs are another strategy for providing timely, scalable, and sustainable formal and informal learning.

Optimizing technology-based interaction, GPU may include additional interactive formats via discussion threads, blogs or chats with subject experts, invited guest ‘speakers’, and/or ‘peer’ mentors.