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GlobalPartnersUnited - Our Vision & Purpose

Children in classroom with computers
Children in classroom with computers

A social enterprise organization, GlobalPartnersUnited (GPU) and its Global teleRehabilitation Institute, create innovative public-private alliances committed to brain ‘gain’ and capacity building, systems strengthening, and telepractices targeting underserved populations in low- and middle-resourced countries and developed countries.  

By harnessing 21st century Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) — applying online and mobile hybrid learning models, telepractices, social media, and traditional international development tools and strategies— GPU combines a wide range of its partners’ subject expertise to enhance sustainable and scalable program development and dissemination to implement Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the tenets of international human rights treaties. Among GPU’s goals are ….

  • Capacity building in countries lacking sufficient qualified healthcare, education, (re)habilitation, public health, and civic personnel;
  • Disseminating evidence-based practices for cost-effective, quality public health, health care delivery, education, and rehabilitation for related human and social capital resource growth and policy development;
  • Building on site and virtual Communities of Practice (CoPs), Mentoring, Leadership, and Advocacy as well as related peer support networks to improve knowledge exchange and transfer, access to subject expert and peer resources, and global resources and communication;
  • Mitigating geographic barriers to subject experts and peers; and
    Providing ready access to evidence-based knowledge, skills, and mentoring by establishing ‘twinning’ centers of excellence and telepractice networks.

This is not about a few pilots…but about galvanizing transformational change….This is going to take big ideas with some risk taking.

Interview with Judith Rodin
President, Rockefeller Foundation
The eHealth Connection: ICT and the Developing World
Journal of Health  Affairs, Nov-Dec’08